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Eat This Book!

The title of this blog is also the original name for the Bible Project reading plan. Since the Word of God is the Bread of Life, it makes sense for us to get our fill! In 2022, the elders at Southern Hills want us to once again EAT THIS BOOK.

In the past year, The Bible Project has expanded its video library and many of these new videos have found their way into the READ SCRIPTURE app in 2022. If you plan on using the READ SCRIPTURE app from the App Store (Apple devices) or the Play Store (Android devices), you will need to completely delete the old app you used last year. The new app has added a lot more videos.

But be aware that not all the videos recommended in the Bible Project Reading Plan are on the READ SCRIPTURE app. Links to those videos will be available every week on the digital copy (the email version) of the church bulletin. So, consult the bulletin weekly to make sure you're getting all the videos so your journey through the Bible is not only more informed but also more enjoyable.

Additionally, if you look at the very top of the READ SCRIPTURE app, you will find a link that says, "Scripture Labs (beta)". Tapping that will open up an even deeper and interactive window of understanding to "help you read the Bible like a pro." I would encourage you to at least give that a shot and see if you like it.

Maybe you used Bible Project last year and you read completely through the Bible. Now, your attitude is one that says, "been there, done that... I want to go deeper in 2022." Good for you! Let me suggest that you download the all-new Bible Project app. Just search Bible Project in the App Store or Play Store.

The Bible Project app will take you on an enriching journey through each movement of Scripture looking at the great themes of the Bible which are interwoven through the whole book. Studying the Bible this way helps us see how it's not just a collection of 66 books written over almost two thousand years of history, but is really one continuous story of God's love for His creation and how He planned all along to redeem humankind through the giving of His unique Son... Jesus. The Bible Project app will require a much bigger commitment of your time. Some of the podcasts are up to an hour-long. I put mine on 1.5X to make it go a little quicker without any noticeable loss of quality.

So, there are three options for you. Go as deep as you want to go. I am convinced that regardless of which method you choose your spirit will be greatly enriched as you grow in your relationship with God. He has much He wants to say to you! I encourage you to let Him say it.

Happy New Year! Please pray that 2022 will be an amazing year in the history of the Southern Hills Church.

Grace and peace,


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