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Pulpit Minister Position

Please Read the Job Description & Submit your Application below

Pulpit Minister Job Description


The Southern Hills Church of Christ in Buda, Texas, is seeking a full-time pulpit minister. Buda and the surrounding area, bordering Austin, Texas, is home to some of the fastest growing communities in America. Southern Hills averages approximately 150 in attendance on Sunday mornings and has varied ministries. The surrounding community  and congregation is served by 4 elders and 9 deacons. Find additional information on our website.

In addition to pulpit ministry, the ideal candidate will teach classes, conduct personal and home studies, and potentially counseling. An undergraduate degree in Biblical and ministry studies with five years of ministry experience, or comparable, is desired.

Applicants should submit a resume, references, salary and benefit requirements, and a link to a recent sermon video.

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Youth & Family Minister Position

Please Read the Job Description & Submit your Application below

About Our Youth Ministry Position


The Southern Hills Church of Christ in Buda, Texas, located just south of Austin is searching for a full time Youth Minister. Our congregation of 175+ members is currently served by four elders, 9 deacons, 1 full-time and 1 part time ministers - a pulpit minister and a part time family minister, and a part-time administrative assistant.  


The ideal candidate for the Youth Minister position will be a married man, full of energy, with a heart for teens and a great desire to minister to children of all ages.  Currently, we have about 35+ young people in grades 1-12.  Duties would include ministering to all youth. Candidates must be eager to partner with parents in leading their youth to Christ. 


Qualified applicants should have a degree in Bible from a university or Bible institute or equivalent experience. Preferred candidates will also have a minimum of 2 years experience as a Youth Minister, Educator, or as an Associate Minister with some youth ministry experience.  He must be mature and tested in his faith.


Southern Hills Church of Christ is committed to assisting the man chosen for this ministry.  He and his family will be welcomed and supported by a team of ministers and staff, as well as the elders, deacons, and caring and involved parents. If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume with references and salary requirements below.

Youth Ministry Job Description


Responsibilities to the Church:

  1. Actively support the overall direction and vision of the church, with a primary emphasis on how it effects the Youth Ministry through its teachings, events, and activities.

  2. Preach four times per year.

  3. Be active in the worship service through the service rotations (to lead opening prayer, communion thoughts, scripture reading, etc).

  4. Help maintain the church website and digital sign.

  5. Serve with any other team/committee as time allows, as long as it does not interfere with carrying out the primary responsibilities to the Youth & Family Ministry.

Responsibilities to the Office/Staff:

  1. Serve and work alongside the other ministers and staff of the church.

  2. Participate in shared staff responsibilities (staff meetings, hospital visits, visitor follow-up, etc).

  3. Attend staff retreats.

  4. Participate in Elder/ Deacon meetings and provide a report of the Youth Ministry once a month.

  5. Maintain consistent office hours.

Responsibilities to the Youth Ministry:

  1. Coordinate and lead the Youth Ministry of the Southern Hills Church of Christ.

  2. Develop a relationship with the teenagers and their parents in the Youth Ministry.

  3. Recruit, organize, and train volunteers.

  4. Run background checks on all volunteers who wish to serve in the Children’s and Youth Ministries

  5. Plan, coordinate, and lead all youth activities by:

    • Creating a calendar of events each year

    • Developing and maintaining a workable budget.

    • Advertising and promoting events

    • Check with other ministries of the church to avoid conflicting events / resources

  6. Communicate clearly, through different modes, with all teens, parents, volunteers, ministers, deacons, and elders to promote youth activities, Bibles studies, and relevant information.

  7. Develop and maintain an annual budget for the youth ministry, to be approved by the Elders.

  8. With regards to youth Bible Classes:

    • Develop and oversee curriculum for Middle School and High School Classes

    • Alternate teaching between the Middle School and High School classes each quarter.

    • Recruit teachers to teach the other class or to fill in when needed.

    • Teach the combined youth class on Wednesday night, or as needed, recruit another teacher.

  9. Partner with parents to be a resource as they seek to raise Godly children.

    • Be a link between the generations

    • Keep up with current youth culture and events

    • Provide books, articles, or other resources to parents on various issues that may arise in their family.

    • Counsel with parents and youth in crisis and transitions

    • Study individually with students making faith decisions

  10. Take advantage of continuing education opportunities through conferences, workshops, or other means throughout the year.

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