About Us

In a disconnected world, we are a place where people can connect to God and to others.

The more we know of God, His blessings and care, and His beautiful plan for the redemption of His world and His children, the more our love will grow toward Him. This knowledge and love of God will lead the newcomer from “observer” to making a life commitment to Christ in baptism.

For each area within our discipleship model, there are always initial steps to be taken and numerous additional steps to be taken as we grow spiritually. There’s always another step to take…

The initial step towards Loving God is a commitment to regular attendance at Bible Study (Sunday Bible Class) and Sunday morning worship.

Additional steps to be taken as we grow are commitment to daily individual Bible study, commitment to daily prayer, and attendance at other congregational services and Bible studies.


To properly love others as Christ did, we have to develop deep, meaningful relationships. One of the true joys of the Christian life are the bonds we develop within the church family. Our level of connection goes beyond what most experience in the society-at-large, as we truly “do life” together.


The initial step toward Loving Others is joining one of our Fellowship Groups. These small groups are comprised of 4-6 families that meet regularly in each other’s homes to share a meal together and to pray for each other.

Additional steps to be taken as we grow are participation in our First Sunday congregational meals, participation in one of our special-interest groups (Stitchers, etc.), or participation in one of our game nights, church picnics or parties. There are numerous fellowship opportunities at our church, as we love to spend time together.



As we continue to grow toward maturity in Christ, our lives begin to be more filled with service to others…just like Jesus. The proper loves that have continued to grow (love for God and others) literally spill out of the mature Christian’s life in acts of service to both those within the body of Christ and to those in the communities where we live.

The initial step toward Serving Others is participation in one of our church’s many ministries.

Additional steps to be taken as we grow are participation in more than one of our church’s ministries, participation in the community service opportunities offered through our Fellowship Groups, leading one of our church’s ministries, leading a Fellowship Group, leading Bible studies or teaching a class, or starting a new ministry that has captured your heart.



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