As we embark upon a new year, the church is encouraged to have a daily engagement with God through a reading of scripture, meditation upon God's being and nature, and relationship with Him through prayer. This past year, many have told us of the spiritual growth they have encountered through The Bible Project reading plan.

Therefore, we have determined that the best course for 2022 is to again use The Bible Project as our reading plan. Hard copies of this plan are available in the lobby. There are enough for each family to have ONE.

Additional copies are available for download HERE. Corresponding videos can be viewed at www.bibleproject.com. Simply tap the “watch” tab on the top of the screen to access all 150 Bible Project videos.


An easier method is to download the Read Scripture app to your device. It is available in both the App Store on Apple devices and the Play Store for Android devices. The app is more of a one-stop tool where you will find the daily reading, the psalm, and any corresponding video for each day of the year. After you do the reading, simply tap the checkmark at the bottom and it will automatically open to where you left off the next time you open the application.

For those who used the Read Scripture app in 2021, you will need to delete it and reinstall it do remove all your checkmarks from last year.

bible project app.jpg

For those who wish to supplement their reading by going deeper, The Bible Project has just released its own app which will take you on a thematical journey through the scriptures. It examines the recurring patterns found in scripture to help us see that the Bible is truly a unified work, one story of God's love for His creation, and how that story climaxes in the sending of God's unique Son to redeem humankind from sin and death. This app is appropriately called The Bible Project.

Our prayer is that you will grow in your relationship with God through this daily engagement of the spiritual disciplines. Strong members make for a strong body that the world may know Jesus.


May God bless you and your family in 2022.

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